Refund and LifeTime Policy

Updated Policy with effect from 1st Jan 2019:

100% refund within 24 hours of registration. Please refer the registration confirmation / acknowledgement for more details.

Old Policy till Dec 2018:
Anytime within the course duration 100% Fee Refund (For remaining course)

Per Hour Fee (A1) - INR 275 
Per Hour Fee (A2) - INR 300
Per Hour Fee (B1) - INR 400

Per Hour Fee (B2) - INR 450

The Fees would be refunded subtracting the fee for the number of hours of class attended from the Total Course Fee.

Eg. - 
Total Course A1 Fee - 8000
Classes (in hours) attended - 10
Refund = 8000 - (10x275) = INR 5250

Total Course A2 Fee - 9000
Classes (in hours) attended - 10
Refund = 9000 - (10x300) = INR 6000

Total Course B1 Fee - 12000
Classes (in hours) attended - 10
Refund = 12000 - (10x400) = INR 8000

The Refund would be applicable within 2 months (or the actual course duration) of registration of the respective course.
Attendance should be 80% once submitting the application / request for a refund (This condition can be relaxed based on the circumstances of the student).
Not Applicable with / if Package / Discount availed at admission time.

Applicable for B1, B2 and C1 only with INR 4000 plus regular fees (Date applicable - 03.Oct.2015)
For any clarifications for feedback do write to us at


Life Time Policy

For vacant seats in the batch and first come first serve basis | Applicable only for students who are able to furnish the admission receipt / email with ID Proof, else student would need to only pay 50% of the full course fee and keep the receipt / email handy for future.